Fight Obesity

23% of adults and 14% of children are clinically obese. That is to say, they eat too much and exercise too little.

The Foresight report predicted that if no action was taken, 60% of adults and 25% of children would be obese by 2050.

Last year obesity cost the NHS £16 billion in total.

In my mind it makes sense to do the following;

1: Introduce fines to parents who allow their children to be clinically obese.

2: Increase amount of physical exercise in the national curriculum.

3: Take away all benefits from the obese after a given time period. That time period will be given by a doctor, and will be enough time to become healthy.

4: Remove VAT on all fresh meat, fruit, vegetables etc. To compensate, increase VAT of all unhealthy foods, such as confectionery and pies.

5: Offer incentives to local sports centres etc. to improve the health of the local community.

These steps will reduce NHS outgoings, decrease obesity and save the country from obesity.

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Kyle Ellis

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Friday 21 September 2012

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Tuesday 24 September 2013

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