Fight to save Kacie Martin's life!

My gorgeous little cousin Kacie Martin is being denied life saving treatment, as doctors feel she will have no quality of life!!
Kacie has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Disease (Floppy baby syndrome) type 1. But while having little movement in her arms, she has learnt to feed herself small bits of food and can play with small toys. Kacie is learning new words everyday and is a very happy, intelligent little girl.
Doctors told her parents that she wouldn't live passed her 1st birthday, but is now 19 months old!!
Recently she developed a chest infection and doctors talked about sending her to intensive care, but she battled through and is now home. But while they were in hospital, doctors told Nicole and Shaun they wouldn't be giving her a tracheostomy and they would let her die when the time comes!!

Please take the time to sign this petition, so we can fight for her right to have this treatment, when needed!!

Thanks xx

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Kerry Martin

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Sunday 10 November 2013