Fighting against the CSA

Fighting the CSA is an uphill struggle
They say they have sent letters (but you never see them), they don’t want to listen to you; they just want your money.
I am calling for anyone who has ever been wronged by the CSA to be able to have FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION.
Fathers who are given outrageous assessments.
Mothers who give the CSA the father’s information and the CSA do nothing about it.
The CSA know that it will cost us thousands and thousands of pounds to fight them.
The CSA have managed to rip my family apart, and there is very little I can do about, The CSA are demanding nearly £11,000.00 from me for 1 year payments.
I need to take them court but I am not able to pay for it, They want to take my home away, and I can prove I don’t owe this money, but the CSA just don’t care.
How is this in the interest of the children?

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Steven Simmons

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Tuesday 20 November 2012

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