Fit wind turbines into Electricity Pylons

There are designs (see below) that incorporate wind turbines into electricity pylons. In the UK, there are 88,000 pylons, and an estimate of under 40,000 wind turbines needed to power the UK, so why is there no programme to combine them? This would minimise the environmental impact of building turbines and the duplication of vast structures that require extracted, expensive materials. Once fitted, these would produce far more than 30% (2020 target) of our electricity - they could provide 100%.

It would remove our dependence on fracking and nuclear energy. Striving for 100% renewable energy could help reduce our imports of oil and gas - simplifying our already politically sensitive foreign affairs with Middle Eastern states.

I believe that all existing and future pylons built should be adapted/required to include a turbine.

To see the designs, go to:

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Helena Bullock

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Friday 8 November 2013

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Saturday 15 November 2014

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