For An Introduction Of Limits On Terms Served In Government And Parliament

Two Part Petition:

1. ALL Ministers and the Prime Minister will have a two term (Two full parliament lives, 10 years max) limit like that in the United States for the President. Cabinet Ministers will be allowed another portfolio if they achieve 'extraordinary' success while in office.

The purpose of this is to prevent stagnation and complacency in office, and to encourage all those who hold that any government portfolio to do their utmost while in post.

2. ALL Members of Parliament will have a three term (Three full parliament lives, 15 years max) limit.

The purpose of this is to broaden the representation in parliament and to open up British democracy to a wide variety of people.

The Government on both counts must reform and Parliament as a whole engage with a rapidly changing society. Real democracy is not what British Parliamentary Democracy is at present. This petition is an attempt to make politics and the decision making process fairer and accessible.

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Adam Wate

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Thursday 20 October 2011

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Sunday 21 October 2012

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