For doctors in the UK to be legally allowed to prescribe cannabis patches.

This petition has been started in hope that, if enough signatures are obtained, there can be a debate held in parliament to discuss allowing GPs to legally prescribe cannabis patches in the UK for those living with chronic and debilitating conditions.

The U.S. have been prescribing these patches for some time and the difference it makes to those with chronic and debilitating conditions is quite remarkable. It's about time that the UK government allowed products like these to be issued via prescription by doctors to help improve the quality of life for those individuals who are in a constant high level of pain 24 hours a day. Please consider signing and sharing to try get the number of signatures required.
Thankyou kindly for your support.

Sign this petition This petition is still open for signatures. If you want to sign it you need to go to the official government e-petition website. Then come back here to debate it with other contributors to!

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Christopher Sharp

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Thursday 12 April 2018

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Thursday 11 October 2018

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