Fraudulent purchases of private homes whilst living as Council Tenants

Council tenants have allowed their names to be used to buy private residential properties, through a mortgage application. These applications use the name of the Council Tenant as a "front" by those who are involved in financial crime. They even help fill the forms and falsify signatures. At completion of the purchase, the Council Tenant remains in their Council flat, but the person who helps to buy the flat, moves into it. In a case I know, the Council Tenant after 2 years went on to buy the council flat as a First Time Buyer and got a discount of upto £50,000. This is an illegal loss to housing stock.

The GOVT should change the Law - this money laundering should have both properties taken away "without TIME LIMIT", the repossession by the Council and by the Mortgagees. People are so clever that even a DEED seen by a Judge was not picked up as FAKE. The name, the signature, the address, the post code were all fake and ultimately it is FRAUD. Thank you, please help stop this crime!

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Mahmood Bharwani

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Tuesday 15 January 2013

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Wednesday 15 January 2014

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