Free labour movement should not mean access to UK benefits

The UK government should return to the reciprocal arrangements that were in place in the 1990's IRO EU nationals.This allowed them to receive their own country's benefit while they looked for work but did not allow them to claim UK (out of or in-work) non-contributory benefits. When their home benefit ran out they had a choice- fund themselves or go home.

These rules allowed EU nationals to look for & work in the UK but stopped them from being a drain on the host nation.

The truth is that the current rules allow people who will always be on some form of benefit (traditional benefits or tax credits) or whose home country doesn't have such benefits (such as disability) to come to the UK & drain UK taxpayers.

The government should re-impose the old rules immediately, insist that all costs (such as NHS care) are recovered from their home nation and tell the EU that unless they are willing to pay these bills (instead of the UK taxpayer), they cannot tell us who, or what to pay for.

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M Bamford

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Saturday 30 November 2013

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Tuesday 2 December 2014

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