Free Royal Marine known as Marine A

A Royal Marine has been found guilty by a military court of murdering an injured Afghan insurgent, in combat in Afghanistan and will be sentenced to Life imprisonment.

Marine A told the court martial he had fired because of "poor judgement and lack of self-control"

These men are not machines, the atrosities they see are far beyond anything that any civilian could imagine and yet every day they face the danger of being killed as part of their daily routine.
The enemy in Afghanistan is renound for being brutal and vicious.
So how are our soldiers expected to be exposed to that daily and it not affect their judgement in these kind of situations.

Let him be judged in a civil crown court, by the British people who he put his life on the line to defend.

He and his fellow soldiers were just doing what they felt was right to protect us... The British people

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Ayse Smith

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Friday 8 November 2013

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