Freeze Payment to the EU

If a company's auditors refused to sign off its accounts for 18 years, assets and accounts would be frozen, the board under criminal investigation, the company would cease trading; how is it that in the exact scenario the EU is allowed to continue with no approved audit for 18 years, and its leaders stage budget talks. The notion of the UK paying into the EU since the first year when the Court of Auditors refused to sign the accounts is tantamount to condoning the behavior and being party to any fraud. The Court of Auditors, year in and year out, have highlighted billions of Euros worth of irregularities & suspected frauds, none investigated, and the accounts in situ for 18 years. Try this approach with your business, you guarantee yourself one thing, not a pat on the back, a pay rise, an increased budget, business class to the destination of your choice paid for by employees, or other privileges, what you will be guaranteeing yourself is a new room, 6 ft by 8 ft, with new friends.

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Bradley Woods

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Saturday 10 November 2012

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Thursday 14 November 2013

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