Full employment, lower welfare benefits

State employment available for all at a basic living wage, instead of job seakers allowance. Time off available for interviews and training. Exemption for disabled subject to usual assessment. Costs justified by; vastly reduced welfare bills, universal dignity and work ethic, creation of genuine moral right for society to expect lawful behaviour, no need for generational compounding of the ills of workless households. Costs not likely to be covered financially by savings in welfare and prisons but would be great value for money rebuilding society, avoiding lost generations, improving social mobility and the social fabric of areas suffering post industrial low employment.
Employment to be in such public service as to not compete with private sector, ie. tasks we would not otherwise have funded.
Once everyone has a means of earning a living, the implementation of law and order can be more forceful with fewer mitigating circumstances and longer sentences for acquisative crime.

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jacob hughes

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Saturday 28 January 2012

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Wednesday 30 January 2013

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