Fund a fleet hospital ship/desalination ships (cum Royal Yacht) using national lottery funds & funds HMG allocated for foreign aid

Building desalination & hospital ships will deliver coordinated effective foreign aid; serving areas affected by famine, drought, disasters, conflicts, epidemics, etc as the needs arise. Registered charities should work with HMG to coordinate their efforts in delivering aid directly & effectively, rather giving aid funds to corrupt overseas governments to 'distribute' aid to their populace. British Industry & workforce should preferably be involved & paid at commercial rates to deliver aid. The coalition Government is pledging £8.4 billion this year for overseas aid, rising to over £11 billion by 2015. Around £27 billion had been awarded by the National Lottery so far has been used to support good causes. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is responsible for the National Lottery licensing & issues directions on where to allocate the funds.

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Peter Chuah

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Wednesday 25 January 2012

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