Funding for Precision Tinted Lenses for Children suffering Visual Stress (Meares Irlen Syndrome)

Visual stress causes eye problems because it alters the way we see things. Problems are caused by how the brain interprets visual information being sent through the eyes. This impacts on how effectively we can read, which has drastic implications for school, life & how we perceive our environment. This results in a constant need to adapt or compensate for the eye problems. Precision tinted lenses can help but are very expensive, approx.£250-300 for glasses & this is separate to private testing and appointment fees. Surprisingly this treatment & the glasses are not available on the NHS or prescription. This petition is fighting to get the Health & Education Authorities to provide funding for the treatment & tinted lenses that our children need. This is crucial to support our children's education. Please sign this petition and help us fight to receive NHS funding for precision tinted lenses.

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Lisa Clark

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

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Saturday 27 December 2014

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