Garriage - finding a workable compromise

Instead of "same sex marriage", we call on the govt to create a new state in law ("garriage") to more precisely recognise, accommodate & measure these relationships. Rather than distort what already works well, allow diversity. Earthly power cannot make us all rigorously equal, but we can create a more tolerant, fairer, pluralistic society. Rather than bending the definition of marriage, which has served Britain so well for millenia, to suit cultural fads, so well for millennia, carve out a distinct identity for same-sex couple. Be creative& respect difference with a new legal state that people can, if they really wish, aspire to& claim for their own. Already too many words, ie queer or gay, are badly confused. Govt. should better protect& look after those already living, so all proceeds from licensing of "garriage" should go to support good adoption agencies. Search “excalibrate blog garriage” for more info

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Stephen Duff

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Tuesday 12 February 2013

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