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In a PLC we have a managing director and a board of directors who have a responsibility to it's share holders who are the bosses.
Similarly we the electorate ( Shareholders ) elect a Managing director ( Prime Minister ) he elects a board of directors ( Cabinet ).
If as share holders we are unhappy with the way our directors are running our business ( UK PLC ) we have a right and responsibility to demand a change in management.
As a former soldier and shareholder in UK PLC, ie my country I voted for a Tory party which never came about. Instead I have a board of directors which I do not recognise and feel have no interest in my needs and wants as a shareholder.
I therefore demand as a shareholder in UK PLC a vote by my fellow shareholders to replace the existing Cabinet and Prime Minister ( Board ) for a new Administration.
I want an administration who will have the interest of the British people exclusively for the British people.

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Michael Conlon

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Sunday 14 August 2011

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