Get CCTV in the homes of suspected child abuse.

The SECOND a case is open or a suspision raised about hild abuse or neglect, a live CCTV connectin should be set up around the defendants home...

Every year children arek illed at the hands of their parents, carers, gaurdians and even strangers in the home. I don't even need to give examples of the brutal times.

Most cild protetion agencies have failed to prevet these cruel deaths and a more dramatic approach needs to be taken!

Live CCTV footage around the home which should be monitored daily and nightly could prevent these horrible things from happening, and in some cases provide evidence and proof about the living conditions.

Take action now, sign the e-petition!

This action would be costly, but life saving!!

Children are innocent, they can't fight back!!

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Bobbie A

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Thursday 10 October 2013

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Tuesday 14 January 2014

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