Get full labeling on ALL goods regarding animal ingredients or use in production

I want to have labeling that discloses if manufactured goods contain animal ingredients or have used animal ingredients in the manufacturing process. A simple declaration that there IS or IS NOT any animal ingredient or derivative used at any stage of manufacture. Large enough to be easily read.

I would like it made mandatory that all products ie, tyre, decorating materials, household cleaners, garden products, clothes and footwear, to be clearly marked that they contain animal derivatives such as tallow, gelatine, animal based glues, and shellac.
People may be unaware that by buying a product they assume to be cruelty free is in fact derived from the meat or dairy industry.
Under this new labeling regulation products would immediately be transparent in their mode of manufacture.

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Ruth Christine Barrett

Created On

Tuesday 10 May 2016

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Wednesday 9 November 2016