Get rid of road tax (vehicle excise license) completely

Replace the current road tax system with a small extra duty on fuel. The current system is outdated and no longer fit for purpose in many ways.

What’s wrong?
-Zero tax band vehicles cost the government to tax
-Motorbikes are not treated fairly
-Classic cars did not stop in 1973
-Mileage has no influence on tax paid
-Foreign vehicles pay no tax at all

The simple solution should be a couple of pence added to fuel duty to create the equivalent income that is currently generated. This uses existing collection methods so no additional infrastructure needed.

Why is this better?
-It directly taxes mileage
-It directly taxes less efficient cars more, and proportionally
-It brings motorcycles inline
-It enables low mileage modern classic cars to be kept on the road
-All vehicles British or foreign will pay their fair share of tax
-Cost savings in administration and computer systems

This just seems to be the most sensible and fairest solution to the problem.

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Graham Ayris

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

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