Get rid of the Barnett Formula which gives un-fair distribution of Government funding within the UK.

The Barnett Formula was devised 35 years ago to enable Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland to receive more funding for their local government services, and has over the years become totally obsolete and un-necessary. This year every Scottish resident will get £10,152 spent on them for public services, compared to just £8,529 for residents of England, £9,709 for the Welsh and £10,876 for those living in Northern Ireland, and these figures are being used to persuade the Scots to vote against independence, which is devious and un-fair to the English. Whether Scotland leaves the Union or stays, the Barnett Formula, which isn’t even enshrined in law, should go now, and the money available for financing local services divided fairly among all the residents of the UK in future. Please make sure your English MP is aware of this petition and get them to sign it.

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Hugh Hunt

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Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Saturday 29 November 2014

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