Give e-ID cards to all foreign students so as to ensure they leave UK on graduation, WITHOUT being allowed to remain & work in UK for further 2 years

Give e-ID cards to all foreign students to ensure they return to their own countries (& any extended family members in tow), WITHOUT being able to remain & work (as currently they can) in UK for further 2 years after graduation. Their student visas should expire on the month they graduated. Foreign students are expected to pass their exams after serious high academic work. The academic institution teaching foreign students on student visas should give annual reports confirming good attendance & progress of all foreign students, as one of the requirements of student visas. e-ID cards & IT systems should be introduced to track foreign immigrants on visas (like employment, education, NHS treatment, DWP claims, marriage) to ensure that they keep to the conditions of their visas.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 13 September 2012

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