Give More Responsibility To Schools To Prevent Self-Harming

In the UK alone each year;

*Over 5000 people commit suicide
*At least 16 children commit suicide because of bullying (the true total could be much higher)
*At least 19,000 children attempt suicide - one every half hour
*Suicide is now the number one cause of death for 18-24-year-old males
*30% of the UK workforce suffer mental health problems.
(As estimated by the Depression Alliance)

If the government can help provide services to the impressionable school children within the kingdom on advice on methods to prevent self harming such as telling adults their issues or ways to peacefully express their anger, these statistics will be allot lower and so will the need for the NHS to help the citizens who eventually self-harm.. this will also be able to stop bullying and anti-social crime as bullies will not be able to target the self-harmers' weaknesses

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Daniel Barwell

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Monday 15 August 2011

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Friday 31 August 2012

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