Give Scottish Service Personnel Based Outside Scotland Automatic Right to Vote on Referendum

Surprisingly 1000's of Scottish born Service Personnel who are based outside Scotland don’t have the automatic right to vote on Scottish Independence. This is due to their current registered address being in bases in England, Cyprus, Germany and Many other places some of whom are on operations. One example, Serving married personnel who reside in Military Housing on bases outside Scotland are prevented from voting due to their address being the one they currently live. Service personnel do not have a say where they live so why should the right to vote be taken from them, rights that other non scots have. All Scottish Service Personnel should have an automatic right to vote on the future of their country. Voting on the future of the country they have defended is a right. Service Personnel should not have to jump through hoops, find a fictitious address at which to register in order to Vote. Sign this to force Gov't to Give Scottish Service Personnel Automatic Right to Vote

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Iain Thonson

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

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