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Here, we have a BIG problem on our hands. 200 years ago, there were more people who respected Christ, morality was at an all time high, and EVERYBODY went to church. Nowadays, the morality and respect for God in this country has been de-graded over time. There are 3 things I personally blame for this, us, the media and the laws passed which have contradicted the laws of God. I have a solution. There are 12 stages a bill has to go through. I propose that another stage is added, where after the Consideration of Amendments stage is completed, it goes to the leaders of the Church of England, and then Royal Assent. In the Church of England stage, the leaders check the law to see if it agrees with God's laws, If it does, then it goes to Royal Assent. If it doesn't, it does not progress any further. I personally hope this gets submitted in time to stop the Same Sex Marriage Bill. Thank you for your time and if this petition wins, I will declare to God heroes, those who sign this.

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Jack Haywood

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Friday 10 May 2013

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

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