Government to take back FULL control of the Rail Network, end Privatisation!

In recent years, the uk Rail Network has seen reckless actions in regards to weak bids that have fallen through, clauses that have cost millions of pounds and numerous bail outs & takeovers that where unnecessary, or preventable!

We feel it’s time the the UK regains control of its train network

The state of the Bidding process is flawed, calling for multiple amendments and cost franchisees and the taxpayer millions of pounds.

It seems to be that operators are more interested in making money than seeing the needs of its key objectives that involve passengers and rail infrastructure!

The state of the past and present of the East Coast Mainline, Great Western Mainline, and many other areas of UK Franchises having final warnings or ‘Bail outs’.

It’s time the UK Rail became Public again!

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Colin Hardy

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Saturday 7 July 2018

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Sunday 6 January 2019

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