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unfair tax on student debt was created by the graduate endowment tax. these unfortunate students that were (and still are liable) unfairly required to pay an unjust tax that was, and is only adding to student debts. why is it fair that students enrolling the year before this tax started or the year after it was abolished are not committed to the same tax/debt? Purely circumstance and timing of a ill judged and mismanaged policy. I strongly support the refund of all contributions to the graduate endowment by all payees as an urgent matter.

FACT:It is estimated that around £12.7 million has been paid back in cash from the three cohorts of graduates liable to pay the fee, with £26.3 million being added to loans. Of this, £26.3 million, only £57,000 has been returned to the taxpayer. (source:

Please sign this petition and get the correct outcome for those unfairly affected

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Gavin Pettie

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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