Grant anonymity to ALL persons accused but not yet tried/convicted of ALL crimes

We the undersigned request that laws be modified to guarantee anonymity for all persons arrested and charged of all crimes (even violent and homicidal crimes).

We do not accept the argument that such a law would contradict the principles of "freedom of information" or of "open justice".

It is our belief that the very concept of "open justice" is anachronistic in a country where:
(a) it is possible for employers to dismiss employees, and landlords/social housing operators to evict tenants, simply because they have been arrested (and not yet tried, let alone found guilty); and where
(b) it is possible for local and national newspapers to name persons arrested (but not yet tried) on any charge, thereby potentially fanning the flames of lynch-mob mentality and "no-smoke-without-fire" superstition – without any obligation to prominently declare that person's innocence if they are acquitted.

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MAtt Constantine

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Monday 6 May 2013

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Friday 9 May 2014

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