Growing duration of tenancy contracts

Tenancy contracts are exclusively offered for longer and longer terms, now it is already 1 year with a break clause - if you're lucky. These new conditions are pushed by estate agents. As life, especially nowadays, can be economically very unpredictable it makes the budget planning for the normal working person very unsecure. Especially in London I cannot see the point why landlords really need to tie you down as they would quickly get someone new in. The tenant can suffer huge financial losses not being able to get out of a contract because he has to move somewhere else to work, lost his work and has to downsize or simply has unbearable long journey times each day. I appeal to you for stopping this development by law as I heard it had just been done with gym contracts - and here the need is so much higher.

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Ilona Becker

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Monday 17 October 2011

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Sunday 4 November 2012

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