HADECS 3 Speed Cameras

HADECS 3 speed cameras.
Speed cameras are NOT about revenue creation, they should be near schools where speeding is incredibly dangerous. However taxpayers money is spent on the next revenue making idea, the HADECS 3 camera. Points against the new camera:

- "Stealth camera" rather than giving the public a chance, a spy method of generating money has been introduced. What happened to the 2001 law that required all speed cameras to be painted DayGlo yellow. Blatantly safety is the least of your concerns.

- Ability to change the speed set to trigger the HADECS 3. Outrageously most times the "queue ahead" warning is shown with a speed limit imposed, however there are no issues at all ahead. Therefore no one is reviewing on a regular interval what the current traffic flow in the area is like.

All of the points raise SERIOUS concerns. Perhaps speed cameras are against the public rather than working with us and are definitely more about revenue than safety.

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Alex Coull

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Sunday 22 March 2015

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Monday 30 March 2015

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