Hampshire IVF

Hampshire and Isle of Wight IVF

The NICE guideline states that up to three cycles of IVF should be available to:

women aged 23 - 39
those who have an identifiable cause of infertility such as an absence of sperm, or blocked fallopian tubes
those who have had more than three years of fertility problems.

For hampshire and the Isle of Wight the PCT have set the age of 35 to be eligible IVF, Although as a health care they know that Ivf success rates decline by HALF once you are in your mid 30's WE NEED THAT LOWERED, by at least 10Yrs.
You get ONE cycle and that NEEDS to be lifted to at least 2 cycles if not the full 3 that NICE recommends as the chance of falling pregnant on your 1st try has NOT got a high success rate...
This problem affects so many couples that we need to do something.

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Please see: Fairness in IVF availability on the NHS

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Miss K Hill

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Tuesday 21 May 2013