Harsher Sentences for those who commit Animal Cruelty

Cruelty, abuse and MURDER of animals (especially but not limited to domesticated pets), should be considered and recognised as lawfully wrong as similar offences committed to human beings.
The Government considers that existing maximum penalties of a fine of £20,000 and six months imprisonment are appropriate. It is my opinion the Government must be unemotional, uncaring and extremely unintelligent.
Animals FEEL fear and pain, both physical and emotional.
I want the government to SERIOUSLY reassess the custodial terms imposed to offenders of the discussed crimes.
Prisons may be over crowded and an extreme expense to the tax payer, but perhaps if the government implemented tougher sentences and tougher conditions within Prison it would act as a deterrent to offenders, thus lowering offences committed, lowering prison populations and lowering the expense to the tax payer.
I wonder how the Queen feels towards Animal Cruelty and the law's surrounding it?

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Tom Harriott

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Monday 3 December 2012

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