Has not seen his children for 3 years, yet still fighting for his rights

GMF, has not seen his children for 3 years. The mother said that the children didn't want to see him after he left the marriage, this reason was her infidelity.
He was forced out of the marital home and the family business.The courts advised for the children to see a counsellor, the mother selected the family friend. The courts are happy to enforce NO CONTACT other than a letter 3 x a year. NO telephone contact, no visual contact. No school visits.
There has been NO harassment from GMF towards the mother, NO violence, NO intimidation and NO breaking of court orders.
WHY do the courts think that this is acceptable to wait another YEAR before and further arrangements can be discussed, we are 3 years in and he still hasn't seen his children. He cannot afford more solicitors fees, she has stripped him of everything, including his children.
The government should agree to maintain/enforce/encourage assisted and supported visual contact with both parents

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Natalie Lewis

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Sunday 2 February 2014

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