Have a local election every odd year and a general election every even year

Two-party politics is something we have grown used to. It seems unlikely that a third party could become the ruling party, given how the system is set up. We do currently have a coalition government but the stronger party can force through their policies with little fear that the coalition partner will achieve a majority in a future election.

But with an election every year, alternating between local and general elections, the mandate now becomes clear: a party can know very quickly if their policies are accepted. The local election year becomes a feedback year, giving clear guidance on policy decisions. Campaign strategies can be decided immediately after the local elections.

Parties have 2 years on being elected to show some results, an incentive for political expediency.

Extreme policies are less likely to be implemented and can be reverted much sooner.

Less infighting is likely because vituperative politics is less useful in a short term.

I thank you.

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Neil Cahill

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Monday 6 May 2013

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Thursday 8 May 2014

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