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At present, the NHS calls for women to have their routine smear tests at 25. The smear detects changes in the neck of the womb and can help prevent these changes from developing into cancer.

Cervical cancer is very rare in women under 25, but it is not unheard of and sadly, if not detected early enough can lead to death, something which a group of my friends have faced recently in the loss of our school friend who had a profound effect on many lives. 

Hayley's Hope is to change the law so that any woman from the age of 16 can opt in to have their cervical smear, with routine calls from 18. 

25 is simply too old for your first smear test and if they'd been called up sooner, Jade Goody & our friend Hayley may still have battled cancer but would have had a fighting chance at kicking its butt.

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Please see: SOPHIES CHOICE ,smear test lowered to 16

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Monday 17 March 2014

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