health and diet of children

The government MUST stop obesity especially in our children.. Statutory education in the National curriculum from reception onwards of Nutrition and Diet in schools is essential if we are going to tackle this epidemic which is taken over all aspects of everyones life. The cost to the NHS alone with obesity related illnesses is staggering. Corporations have one thing in mind and this is to make profits. Our children need to be aware and education is the ONLY way to change the ever growing trend leading to a variety of horrible diseases as a result of the foods these children are eating. Its time to STOP the craziness of eating food which is made in a laboratory from materials that make you car engine run.. It is absurd on every level that we as parents would ever allow the poisoning of our children. Let us educate them so they have a choice with what they are ingesting for a potentially healthy future.

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Suzanne Agnew

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Wednesday 12 September 2012

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Saturday 14 September 2013

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