Hearing Tests in 2 Year Checks

Too many children with hearing impairments are not getting caught soon enough and are having to wait until they are in full time education before being diagnosed.

Hearing tests need to be brought into the 2 year check ups or even Nursery ages of 3-4 years, to close the barriers and help more children to hear and be able to learn as fast as the other children and not get left behind.

Children who are not diagnosed early enough do not stand a chance and miss out on 2 years worth of education that they need to do again. Many of them having to catch up with extra tuition and tutors. Surely it would save money in the long run to bring in another hearing test or move the school age hearing test at 5-6 years to a younger age?

Something needs to be done, Our children deserve a bright future and any parent knows that a child needs to start life confident and not shy and worried because they cannot hear you, but do not know any different.

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Kirsty Anne Bayles

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Thursday 14 March 2013

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Saturday 15 March 2014

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