Help bring in a bullying enforcement law to prevent young suicidal teenage deaths

Im 18 years and I was bullied from the age of 13 for almost 3 years. The majority of bullying took place online but also continued through the high schools I attended.Suicidal thoughts often came to mind as I suffered majorly with depression. The aim of this petition is to help to bring a law into place to reduce the number of suicidal teenage deaths due to bullying. I have made my bullying story become noticed worldwide by publishing my story in newspapers, online and television. I have contributed towards bullying campaigns and I would love to help change the law. Signing the e-petition and helping with campaigns can help change a life of a young person suffering with bullying,feel they have support with the society as a whole. Please sign the petition to help a law to be enforced for bullying to be a crime!!

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Amber Barry

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Thursday 29 May 2014

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