Help me to deport my little brother from a Singaporean prison back to the UK

In the November of 2016 19 year old Lorenzo Dentamaro, was arrested in Singapore on accusations of fraud. He spent 6 months on bail battling the case only to be made an example of and harshly served with 3 years inprisomment. He is currently in 16 man cell, suffering in 30 plus temperatures.

My family is suffering, I have grandparents that are very old and may never have the opportunity to see him again. We have to travel 13 hours to see him for only 20 minutes and I just want to bring him back home so he can complete his sentence in the UK. My mother is depressed, our lives have been impacted serverely and I am constantly living on breaking point. I just want to bring him home.

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Marcello Dentamaro

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

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Wednesday 12 September 2018

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