Help Small Business's by Providing Job Seekers to Work.

In these Austere times it would seem wise to help the UK's economy in any way possible.

Especially the Small Business and Fledgling Sector.

Those on Job Seekers Allowance should be made available to businesses that currently cannot afford an Employee to help their business grow for free.

1.) The Small Business Owners would have a Job Seeker for the equivalent number of hours per week that Job Seekers Allowance would be equivalent to on the Minimum Hourly Rate.

2.) Those who do not want to participate would stop receiving Job Seekers or have it slashed.

3.) Those who fail to turn up to their respective Job Seeker Jobs would also see a penalty such as the removal of their allowance.

This would prove a massive help to those looking to get back into work as it would open opportunities, it would provide work experience, it would mean the money that the Gov is paying out for Job Seekers Allowance is spent on helping Small Businesses in this country grow.

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Jamie Starbuck

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Wednesday 1 May 2013

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Thursday 1 May 2014

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