Higher punishments for crimes of a horrific nature

The unbelievable amount of crimes of such horrific nature that are happening throughout britain is absolutely sickening. People are not scared of the law anymore they're not bothered about the punishment they will recieve for the crimes they are committ. It scares me it sends me cold, my children are growing up and their futures are in this. We as parents can only do so much. The way to deal with this is to stop these criminals in a way they will think twice before committing again.
I would like for the goverment to toughen up on these criminals, peadophiles, murderers, sex crimes etc. Toughen the punishments, the way they are treated, the way criminals of such horrendous nature are dealt with in prison! These people dont deserve their human rights. maybe then also these crimes will reduce as they know being on the inside is not a free and easy ride it is in fact jail at its worst!! please as a human being with rights and as a mother i hope and pray to god that these crimes stop..

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Carly Hadfield

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Saturday 1 June 2013

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