HMG must ensure that only British Citizens (age over 18) resident in Scotland are allowed to vote on whether Scotland should break away from the UK

The Westminster Parliament is supreme and should insist that only British Citizens over 18 years of age & residing in Scotland are entitled to vote on whether Scotland should break away from the UK. There should also be checks to verify claims by householders to be eligible vote in this (or any other British) election. Otherwise voters may be EU or commonwealth citizens who are non-resident in Scotland (or UK); not to mention illegal immigrants & asylum seekers. Before registering prospective voters on the electoral list for a particular address for the first time, they should produce documents to prove that they are legitimately qualified to vote in person (or by post). Such checks could be done checking documents like prospective voters' birth certificates, NI/ ID identities, passports, driving licence, etc.

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Peter Chuah

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Wednesday 11 January 2012

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