Hold a new Brexit referendum at the next General Election if UK has not left EU

In the event that the UK has not yet left the EU by the time that the next General Election is called, a new referendum on U.K. membership of the European Union (Brexit) should be held. Voting should take place at the same time as choosing a Member of Parliament, but with a separate ballot.

Brexit negotiations are causing instability in Parliament. The chances of a leadership challenge, or a vote of no confidence, are high. This could trigger a General Election.

If the British public are to be subjected to yet another General Election before we have formally left the EU, the opportunity should be taken to run a new, better “Brexit” referendum.

This will stop campaigning, and the outcome of an election, being misrepresented as a Brexit mandate, when it is in fact a vote for an MP.

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Lesley-Anne Laurence Godward

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Tuesday 5 February 2019

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Monday 5 August 2019

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