housing benefit over 25

Housing benefit for people single people over 25 needs to be Kept as it is.

In April if you are under 35 and single you can only claim the shared room rate of £55.50

Whilst if you are over 35 you can claim for the 1 bed room rate of £92.31

At the Moment the age is set to 25 meaning after 25 you can claim the single room rate.

Increasing the age to 35 will force hundreds of thousands of people who live in rented accommodation out if their homes as they will be unable to make up the vast difference in rates.

Resulting in increased homeless people, increased pressure on local authority services to find accommodations. Legal action by land lords to recover rent that is not paid.

These figures are taken from Liverpool councils web site.

I would like the governtment to keep the age limit of 25 for the 1 bedroom rate.

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Christopher Duncan

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Wednesday 26 December 2012

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Saturday 28 December 2013

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