How the Cost of Car Insurance relates to the Human rights Act

The MP's and the Insurance Company Representatives seem to want us all to believe that somehow we in the UK have by far the worst Crime Statistics anywhere on planet Earth relating to vehicles.

I suggest that there is nothing so perculiar and unique about the market conditions overhere.

I would like our parliament to discuss this, and explain to the citizens of the UK, why it is, that we have some of the richist most Internationally Competative Insurance Companies in the world today, serving a base active population of about 40 million. When there are Companies in the likes of China and Brasil serving populations of around 1 billion that simply arent nearly as rich.

It doesnt take a well renowned barrister to see that someone being charged £50,000 for a years car insurance defies all known Legal principles.
How long before this reaches the hallowed European Court of Human Rights! Our only saviour from British Insanity!

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anthony zajac

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Thursday 16 February 2012

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Thursday 21 February 2013

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