How to re-instill Respect, Discipline & Achievement in our Society

A lack of discipline, self-respect and respect for our elders and society are key reasons for criminal behaviour (as per the recent "riots") and general underachievement. Rebuild manners, discipline and achievement with compulsory Martial Arts Education in Schools.

Seemingly counter-intuitive, PROPER martial arts training offers benefits such as:

- Increase in self-confidence
- Increase in discipline
- Increase in respect for others
- Better, more resilient health
- Better manners and etiquette
- Ability to control and channel aggression into something constructive
- Decrease in violence and criminality
- More social awareness
- Increase in focus and concentration outside of the training (i.e. in school, at work, etc)

Some benefits to the country would be:

- Less violence and crime amongst the youth
- More achievement and success in both schools and, following, in the workplace
- More jobs for the education, assessment and qualification industries

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Timmy Green

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Wednesday 17 August 2011