Human Responsibilities Act

Bring Human Responsibilities Act, which recognises that Human Rights Act protection will only be available to those who themselves recognise it and do not commit heinous crimes such as terrorism, rape and child abuse.

Any person convicted of such offenses should be stripped of their human rights.

Human Rights Act, very rightly, gives us some fundamental rights which allow everyone to leave a respectful and dignified life and be equal in eyes of law. However, it should also be recognised that any benefit of such right is provided to those who reciprocate it. Call it Responsibility that comes with having such a right.

It is clear that terrorists, rapists, child abusers are a clear example of the sort of people who, through their crimes, severly affect their victims human rights to dignified life and hence should not be able to claim same right for themselves which they deny others.

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Arun Dudani

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Tuesday 13 March 2012

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