Iain Duncan Smith & all MPs to live on £53 a week & go on TV

All MPs should have 'work experience' of living on and the claiming processes of the main UK benefits, including JSA, ESA, Housing Benefit. This experience should last a minimum of 3 months, with no assistance from secretaries in form-filling, and financial donations from friends and relatives only in complete emergencies.

The programme should be televised, investigated for cheating, and entitled "I'm On Benefits: Get Me Outta Here!"

They should take on a fake identity, secret camera, and attend normal JobCentre interviews to experience real-life scenarios.

Amount after rent should be £45-£71 a week before bills - whatever they are 'entitled to'.
Accommodation must be Local Housing Allowance-standard and Local Housing Allowance-funded.

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Natalie Windsor

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Tuesday 2 April 2013

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