If teachers can have 5 INSET days each year then families should be allowed the same

Id like to propose families should be allowed to take upto 5 days each year as 'family days' to be used for family events.

Teachers take INSET days each year which causes educational disruption and inconvinience to families, so there should be compromise.

Families could take 1 week each year for such things like a term time holiday, as some of us work in professions where term time leave is just not possible and would hopefully resolve some of the issues surrounding the astronomical price rises in the term breaks by travel companies.

Families would not be able to take these 5 days during exam periods nor would they affect the schools attendance statistics.

By reducing summer holidays from 6 to 5 could be a further compromise to allow this proposal.

Family time is a valuable commodity in todays work life balance world, with patents working longer hours.

Please sign this petition to show there are other ways to deal with this than criminalising parents.

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Esther- louise rogers

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Saturday 8 February 2014

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Tuesday 10 February 2015

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