If you are overpaid tax credits you should not have to repay it

Those in receipt of tax credits can sometimes have thousands paid to them by mistake. If that person rings and inquires entitlement at the time of payment, they should not have to pay this sum back years later if they were told at the time of phoning in that the money there was meant to be there. Also if they can provide a phone bill to prove they phoned in at the time as well. Money received by tax credits is not suppose to be saved so you cant leave it in the account incase you have to pay it back, it is meant to be used for basic needs it seems though this is a deliberate act on the vulnerable people who struggle to pay most bills let alone paying thousands back.
This is the fault of the tax credit system not the person receiving therefor either the system is changed or if a large sum is paid to you by mistake it shouldn't have to be paid back after a certain time (6 months) as the recipient is not to blame, yet they are treated like they are, sometime involving debt collectors!

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Mikala Stainer

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Sunday 19 February 2012

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Thursday 21 February 2013

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