Illegal immigrants who endeavour to use the 'Human Rights Act' to remain in this country

In the Daily mail on Sat. 12th. November 2011, they reported on the case of a ? Moroccan illegal immigrant who arrived in this countryin 2001, claiming to be from Afghanistan. Since then he has lived in the borough of Camden and has claimed over £400,000 in benefits, claiming he is disabled from the neck down, yet he has been filmed dancing at his own wedding in, I believe, 2009, a year before he was arrested. His legal team are now using 'human rights' as his reason to be allowed to stay. Why are we so soft. Take him and his brothers to Heathrow, without the media and put them on an Airmoroc flight back to where they came from. Problem solved. Do it to all people that enter this country illegally. It makes good and common sense

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Nigel Davis

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Tuesday 15 November 2011

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