Immediately publish a "deficitometer" website that gives up to the minute information on the deficit, and which cuts are reducing it

It is we, the British people suffering because of the deficit caused by the last government, and grossly irresponsible bankers.

As we are paying the price for this, we need to know where we are with the deficit, and how much it is being reduced by the cuts and policies such "The Bedroom Tax" and the ending of the Educational Maintenance Allowance, etc.

We want a website to be set up immediately that shows minute by minute how much the deficit is being reduced, by what cuts it is being reduced by, and how much needs be saved in order to wipe out the deficit.

This "deficitometer" website should also allow "donations" to be made towards deficit reduction, and for the donor to be named on the "deficitometer" if they so wish.

This has two benefits. We would all know where we stand, and people such as bankers with a guilty conscience could help to reduce the deficit more quickly.

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Sarah Jayne Davies

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Monday 1 April 2013

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Tuesday 8 October 2013

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